Enjoy a XAU® moment


XAU® A passion for « à la française » excellence

Selecting the best ingredients and materials,

Calling on the best French craftsmen,

Discover the magic of ancestral know-how,

Care about the detail, all the details,

Give yourself time and give time to time,

Live magical, precious, rare and sublime sensations,

Closing your eyes, tasting, being transported,

XAU®, a journey to the heart of men and women’ souls wearing the demanding art of French luxury.

XAU® is a haven of light, the guarantee of rare and unalterable moments.



XAU® A noble, rare and vintage Vodka

Exceptional flavors that are both sweet and powerful, round and fresh, voluptuous and enchanting.

XAU® gives to Vodka its letters of Nobility.

Every year the best French wheat is selected by XAU® to create a vintage whose quantities will depend solely on of what nature is willing to offer.

These sun-drenched grains of Gold are then combined with the pure water of Vosges,

Distilled 5 times in Burgundy, region of France worldwide renowned for its exceptional wines and know-how,

The gold nectar thus obtained is filtered naturally,

It, then, rests patiently in oak barrels for a period of time that remains a jealously guarded trade secret.

The patience and the experience of the artisan distiller reveal a vodka wearing in a luminous dress with gold glints.

xau vodka

XAU® The Metamorphosis of Gold into Vodka

XAU® A sublime showcase dressed in pure 24 carat gold

Symbol of ultimate luxury, Gold fascinates and unleashes passions for millennia.

Entirely handmade by craftsmen, slowly polished, facetted, gilded with fine gold, respecting the know-how of the trades of art, the “Écrin XAU® » is a numbered vodka lingot, dressed in gold pure 24 carats.

Resistant to the ravages of wind, rain and time, it single-handedly is worthy to protect this exceptional vodka.

Tribute to the name of Gold on the stock market, this sublime French Luxury Vodka is christened and engraved « XAU® Fine Gold 999.9 »

XAU® is the meeting of the unchanging and an incredible dynamic of modernity.
It is the moment which is part of the passage of time.

Enjoy a XAU® moment